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Why Trampolining Is Good For Your Kids

At Gravity NZ, we offer some of the most fun you can have on a trampoline in NZ. Our 1 000 m2 facility offers a range of interconnected trampolines for you to bounce around on.For kids especially, trampolining is not only super fun but is extremely good for them.

Read on to learn why trampolining is so good for your children and why you should bring them to spend a day at Gravity NZ as regularly as possible.

Fantastic Cardio Workout

Jumping around on a trampoline is a fantastic way for kids to get a solid cardio workout. What’s great about it is that it is so much fun that they don’t even realise that they’re exercising. For kids who are in a need of a bit of weight management, this is a wonderful and fun way to introduce some cardio exercise into their routine.

Good cardio workouts are also great at promoting heart and lung health, strengthening the cardiovascular system and ensuring a long and happy future.

Energy Management

Some kids have way too much energy and need a way to burn it off in a healthy and nondestructive way. Trampolining is a great way for mom and dad to have a well-deserved break while letting the kids burn off excess energy and have loads of fun at the same time.

For those kids who struggle with lethargy and an inability to remain focused, jumping about on a trampoline can boost blood oxygen levels and thus raise alertness.

Improve Motor Skills

Kids who spend a lot of time jumping around on trampolines develop much stronger motor skills, balance and coordination. This will not only benefit them in terms of their physical development but can give them a leg up in life, making strong and capable adults who can participate confidently in sports and other physical recreational activities with ease.

Mood Boost

The increased oxygen levels in the blood caused by jumping around ‒ as well as the sheer elation felt from defying gravity ‒ causes an instant improvement in one’s mood. Children who struggle with mood swings and have difficulty managing their emotions will benefit greatly from regularly engaging in trampolining as a way of mood management.

Come and join us at Gravity NZ to give your kids a great time that also contributes to their physical, mental and emotional improvement. Jumping on a trampoline in NZ is more than just fun ‒ it’s good for you!