Birthday Parties

We love birthday parties here at Gravity, and kids love having their birthday parties here! Our trampoline park is the perfect place for a party, fun for the kids where they can bounce around with maximum excitement, and its stress free for parents as we have a recipe guaranteed to be a hit…

What happens at a Gravity Party?

  • Your Gravity Party table will be available to you 30mins before your two hour party starts. It will be pre-decorated with a table cloth and balloons, you can then set up your plates, cups, food (Whatever you have brought). All ready the guests then arrive! Meet and greet, all jumpers will be signed in at the front desk, receiving a Gravity wristband.

  • We get all the kids up and on the tramps for an hour to play with trampolines, Foam Pitt, dodgeball , basketball hoop & Tramp wall and more!

  • Everyone comes to party table to have some food, birthday cake, perhaps open presents and of course sing Happy Birthday.

  • The parents come to collect their children, The birthday Child receives his present from us. You head home and leave us to clean up the mess!


Want more information? We’ve attempted to answer some frequently asked questions below, if you would like to enquire further just give us a call at your preferred location or come down and have a chat with your friendly Gravity staff.

What Time are the parties run?

Gravity Birthday parties are run at the following time slots & are allocated to specific areas in the park…

(You are able to come 30 mins prior to your time slot to set up the table as mentioned above and get the children all ready to jump)

Get in contact with the park to see where your desired time slot will be allocated!

What Do I need to Bring?

You will need to provide what ever food you would like and cutlery.
Gravity Tip: Pizza delivery is a popular option!

What age and size parties does Gravity run?

We can cater to children of all ages here at Gravity NZ (1-99)
We can also arrange for any size party , just let us know the approximate size then you can confirm final numbers on the day!

What is the cost?

The party table costs $100 – this gives you the dedicated table and party area for 2.5 hours.

Check out or Party Zones here!

Then it is just standard entry for each jumper ($19 for over 5, $12 for pre-schoolers).

Socks are mandatory to jump but for parties we offer a special price of $1.50 per pair of socks for those that need them, (and they can keep them for next time!)

Sounds great! how do I book?

Click the yellow button up the top of our webpage – it will take you to our new and improved booking system!

If you have any troubles give us call on 09 527 0524 (Mt Wellington) or 09 262 2463 (Manukau) or
Send us a email at or